SaunApolo 56 Legal and Private Norms


- Prohibits entry to minors of 18 years;

- Prohibits smoking in space;

- Prohibits drug use;

- Prohibits the practice of prostitution or related;

- Prohibits the use of mobile phones, cameras or films inside the establishment. They can only be used at reception and in the locker room inside the lockers;

- Not responsible for the goods and objects stored in lockers. Our lockers are not coffers;

- Multibanco and VISA payments will be accepted in amounts equal to or greater than 10 €;

- On certain days and times advertised promotions will not be in force, without prior notice;

- The money will not be returned to anyone who uses the space, valencias and services advertised. The entrance in the restricted areas to the clients represents use of the space;

- Entries of persons who have behaved in accordance with the legal norms of this establishment are prohibited.


- Order No.215 / 2011 establishes in its article 12º that:

- Access to or permanence in establishments which disturb their normal functioning may be denied access or permanence, in particular by refusing to comply with the rules of operation laid down by law or by the establishment, provided that such restrictions are duly publicized.

- be allocated, totally or partially, to the exclusive use by associates, beneficiaries or clients of the entities that own or operate.

- be temporarily reserved for part or all of the establishments.


    • SaunApolo 56 is a space of physical well-being and relaxation that offers only the space, valences and services advertised!
    • DOES NOT provide information relative to the number of customers, Genres / Sexes who have been or are in SaunApolo 56!
    • DO NOT reimburse customers when they require the presence of a certain number of people or genres in SaunApolo 56!
    • Suggestion to clients who require to live with people: Invite the people you would like to live with while attending SaunApolo 56!