FAQs - Questions and Answers

Who can attend SaunApolo 56?

Anyone over 18 years old. SaunApolo 56 is inclusive and accepts anyone of any gender or gender identity.

Do I have to make a pre-reservation to enter SaunApolo 56?

No. It is enough to appear immediately at our address, Rua Luciano Cordeiro nrº56A in Lisbon, which is near the Marquês de Pombal square.

Our office hours are every day, from 14h to 04h at dawn.

What are the prices to enter SaunApolo56?

The prices are 30 euros per Single (Man, Woman, Transexual or other non-binary genres) and 40 euros per Couple (Man + Woman).

With the entrance you are facilitated the unlimited usufruct of all the services, spaces and valences of the establishment SaunApolo 56.

This entry price also includes the use, without pre-booking, of private cabins with TV and air conditioning, see: https://www.saunapolo56.pt/cabines-para-casais/

You can check our complete price list at this address: https://www.saunapolo56.pt/precario/

How do I get dressed? Is there any specific dress code?

There is no dress code. SaunApolo 56 is a Mixed Spa / Sauna establishment, so just show up in your normal outfit.

When you enter the Sauna you will be provided with disposable slippers and towels (body and bath) so that you can change in our changing rooms with locker and key.

Is there sexual intercourse or sexual activities in SaunApolo 56?

SaunApolo 56 is a spa / sauna facility. Just we provide free access to spaces, valences and services that comprise a normal SPA service and that are mentioned in the remaining pages of this website.

Being a very liberal and fully inclusive LGBT Sauna, it is therefore natural for you to find other clients in the space with whom you can deepen practices of this scope. However the SaunApolo 56 does not take any responsibility or even guarantee these practices.

I am straight. Can I go to SaunApolo 56?

Yes you can. The SaunApolo 56 is an LGBT mixed sauna, totally hetero-friendly.

I'm kind of shy to try. Do they provide masks?

Yes we can. SaunApolo 56 is an elitist establishment, but with an eclectic, informed and very discreet public.

Above all, it is a more liberal sauna than a normal sauna / SPA, for the simple fact of being totally inclusive and being frequented by an LGBT audience and heteros liberals.

There is no reason to feel embarrassed, however if you need to conceal your identity for any reason, we can lend you a face mask. Ask for it at the front desk.

Are there masseuses available in the Sauna?

No. We do not have masseurs in the Sauna space. All massage services are provided on an outsourcing basis by providers accredited by SaunApolo 56.

To request a massage service you have to pre-arrange at the reception or by phone at the number 926 136 808.

Are there times or days with more people of a certain gender?

For the privacy of our users, we do not provide any information about the identities, quantities, gender or gender of those who attend SaunApolo 56.

The environment of SaunApolo56 is made up of customers who attend the establishment, and they do it of their own free will, following only and exclusively the schedules of the own ones.

Even if we wanted to, it would be impossible to indicate the days and / or times when SaunApolo 56 is more complete, especially since it varies and depends a lot day by day and week by week. SaunApolo 56 has a very large time span (every day, from 14h to 04h) and as such the spectrum is huge.

SaunApolo 56 only provides the space, valences and services of a SPA / Sauna Mixed suitable for a hetero-friendly LGBT audience. We provide all people of different niches and genres with a relaxed, liberal and inclusive environment where they can feel and be at ease.

What are the events or thematic days?

These are typically days when we throw a motto or theme to our customers. In practice, unless otherwise stated and detailed, these are days equal to the remaining days in SaunApolo 56.

Because the motto or theme of the day / night is launched, it is natural that the mood of the clients is appropriate to the subject, however there is no obligation of the clients to follow the proposed missive.

All are free to attend SaunApolo 56, even if they do not identify with the theme of the event.

I still have some doubts. Can I contact you?

Of course yes. The best way to be clear is to contact the number: 926 136 808.
We only take phone calls between 14h and 04h at dawn.
Alternatively you can always send us an email to [Email protected]