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SaunApolo 56

Bar area and relax at SaunApolo 56, where you can have a drink and socialize with the hosts of the parties.

Kiki Pais de Sousa is proud of her project, SaunApolo 56, the first mixed sauna in Lisbon and that opened in Rua Luciano Cordeiro on the 22 of February of 2011.

"There is a proud side to my identity and orientation, I am very proud to be a transgender and to have been able to start a process that is very complicated, when i was 45 years old. This space gave me the courage to also do something that I was delaying. It meant the freedom to choose, regardless of the consequences. It meant emotional independence. "

"SaunApolo56 welcomes all people, whether transsexuals, gays, lesbians or swingers, there is a space dedicated exclusively to their well-being, pleasure and relaxation.

We have a massage office, photographer available for sessions (only by appointment), glory holes, a movie theater, collective showers, sling, a dark room, spa treatments and a bar and buffet. The space can be rented for parties (for example, filming, events or stag parties) and usually hosts events such as mixed striptease sessions, mask and fetish parties, among others.

SaunApolo56 is open every day from 15h00 to 3h00 and up to 04h00 at weekends.

We wait for you to live an unforgettable experience.

Service quality


Impeccable hygiene and cleanliness.

Respect & Confidentiality

Everything happens and nothing happens on SaunApolo56. Respect and confidentiality are pillars of SaunApolo56


Men, Women and Liberal couples with different sexual orientations.


Decorated to amaze you, SaunApolo 56 has a very selected ambience and a limited number of entries.

✓ Sauna and Turkish Bath
✓ Therapeutic Cascade
✓ Spas with Shower and Lockers
✓ DarkRoom, GloryHoles and Sling
✓ Erotic Cinema Room / XXX
✓ Private Enclosures with TV
✓ Bar area with ambient music
✓ Air-conditioning throughout the space

Kiki Pais de Sousa

kikipais de sousa

Kiki Pais de Sousa

Founder, CEO
"There was a gap in Portugal because there were only gay saunas." The statement is by Alexandra Pais de Sousa, better known as Kiki, owner of SaunApolo 56. That's exactly why, at the beginning of 2011, the transexual of 50 years, who made the sex change last year, decided to open the country's first mixed sauna.

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